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investor-clubAD ASIA Real Estates provides an investor with a custom-tailored investment strategy designed to fit that investor’s objectives. In our AD ASIA Real Estate Club Deal, an investor has the opportunity to own a single property, in one wholly owned LLC, with the option of including one or two participating qualified investors with similar investment goals. Our Club Deal’s structure provides the investor with all the benefits of investing in property through a special purpose vehicle that is direct, wholly owned, and non-collateralized. The investor controls an LLC for each asset while enjoying the benefits of hands-on management by an experienced CRE operator. The unique structure of our Club Deal, a direct investment vehicle::
  • Maximum Transparency: Club Deal investors enjoy 24/7 unrestricted access to all of the investment’s operating and banking information. This access is made available through a secure web-based portal.
  • Investments are highly defined and restricted. The manager does not have the ability to alter investment criteria as set forth in the Partnership Agreements, and the investor determines when the asset is sold.
  • The manager does not take any performance fee until after the Club Deal investor has received all of his capital back and received a minimum 6% IRR Hurdle.
  • The manager takes no management fee (1.25%) until the investor’s capital has been deployed in an acquisition(s).
  • Club Deal investors begin receiving cash distributions in the first year of operations or at the end of the investment process, depending on the structure of the Club Deal investment.
  • All expenditures of Club Deal’s investor capital, any cash from operations, and all payments to the Manager require the approval of the SPS investment committee. Asset dispositions require the approval of the investor. Request more

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