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Architecture, Engineering, Mechanical and Electrical

AD ASIA Consulting provides professional consulting services by integrating the highest quality mechanical and electrical engineering services with top tier architecture and design. We offer the expertise and guidance required to assist all professionals working within the construction industry from conceptualization until project closeout. Our goal is to constantly ensure the highest possible customer satisfaction by delivering excellent services in a timely and cost-efficient manner. We maintain our high quality standards for each project from the beginning through the post-construction stage. AD ASIA has a proven track record in a large number of domestic and international settings, including projects in the residential, commercial, hospitality, and industrial industries.

Project Study & Site Analysis:

At this stage, we study the overall project, including services such as a site survey and site analysis, a feasibility study, and general business and construction planning, making sure that the project will conform with local law and construction regulations.

Conceptual Designs:

We work with our in-house architects, designers and engineers to develop a master-plan of the architectural design. We then assist in developing your design idea and concept with a draft book and an action plan, until we have an actualizable construction plan. We strive to provide a set of products that harness our experience and knowledge within the construction industry, and so we make sure to combine proven success with innovation and model our projects on historic structures and innovative modern architectural concepts.

Project & Construction Management:

We provide full supervision of your project to ensure quality construction, a smooth timeline, and sound financial planning. Regular on-site inspections track the progress of work and ensure that the workforce fully understands the project scope, the correct procedures, and ensure that contractors produce only the highest quality work for our clients.
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AD ASIA Consulting is launching a new project, the "Saksit Santuary Wellness Resort.” At this resort, you will be greeted with warm interior designs that entice you to stay for a longer vacation here! Our professional architect is currently working on the conceptual and structural designs.

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